In light of other freshman dorm roll-outs, all eyes were on FroSoCo dorm roll-outs this week. True to form, reports were soon rolling in that the roll-outs were even rowdier this year than in years past. Former residents reportedly showed up just after 8:00 PM in order to roll everyone out and still be in bed be a reasonable time. “It was crazy,” reported freshman Dennis Leonard, “I was looking forward to a few hours of isolation before going to sleep, but suddenly all these kids just walked politely in and asked for a moment of our time.”

The upperclassmen collected most of the residents and shepherded them around the campus to every library, working quietly for about 10 minutes at each one. Afterwards, the crowd returned to FroSoCo for a long night of board games and homework; some sources report that one round of monopoly got so heated that the first floor RA threatened to shut the event down entirely, due to the noise. Many are unsure whether next year’s roll-out will be as wild as this year’s, but residents are proudly displaying finished psets and essays as on their shelves as mementos of the wild night, and rumors are already swirling that cribbage may be on the 2013 agenda.

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