Cases of bullying against straight – or perceived to be straight – students in San Francisco public schools drew local scrutiny and pleas from parents of straight students for tolerance, acceptance and dialogue. “It needs to be made clear that my son didn’t choose to be straight. He was born that way. He shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of that,” lamented Robin Davidson, mother of a 14-year-old who was made fun of for being openly straight.

“My boy isn’t straight. He just likes wearing baggier jeans. There’s nothing wrong with that,” said Rashida Jacobs, mother of Darren, a gay 15 year old. Darren had been bullied by the other gay kids because he looked straight. The complaints poured in last week from parents of straight students who all reported that the school administrations have done little to intervene in the clear-cut cases of bullying. If you have similar complaints, we encourage you to participate in the straight pride rally next weekend, so we can make our schools safe for all non-gay students.

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