Stanford, CA — In an embarrassing incident Monday, staff members at the Arillaga family dining hall accidentally displayed a poster depicting famous actor Morgan Freeman, mistakenly claiming he was Martin Luther King Jr.

Trying to cover for their most recent mistake, Arillaga issued a statement saying that the dining hall “made a grave mistake” and was “deeply sorry for offending any members of Stanford’s African-American community.” Arillaga also plans to send a formal apology letter to Morgan Freeman, as they do not want to incur His wrath.

Surprisingly, however, many members of the Stanford Community did not notice the mistake until it was explicitly pointed out. Hu Huang ’13 explained: “Morgan Freeman, Martin Luther King, they all look the same to me.”

Another student, Mark Christenson ’14 actually appreciated the mix-up. “Martin Luther King is important and all, but Morgan Freeman is really under appreciated. It was nice to have the opportunity to reflect on everything Morgan Freeman has contributed to society.”

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