Twain Freshman Timothy Walker has officially bunked his bed, despite there being only a few short weeks before Spring Quarter ends. “You know, ever since the girl across the hall bunked her bed during NSO, I thought I should do it,” Walker explained. When asked why it took him so long, Tim replied, “Homework and hangovers. But mostly hangovers.”

Walker’s floor space has grown considerably since the bunking. “Cool thing about bunking your bed is that there is a lot more carpet space, you know? I am thinking about going over to WalMart and buying a futon and really living the true college life.” Tim says that he told his parents he had bunked his bed before Winter Break, but he figures better late than never.

Justin Chen, Tim’s roommate, says he is ambivalent about the change. “I am pretty surprised he actually did it, but its not like it really makes much of a difference to me,” explained Chen who mostly stays on his own side of the room. “Honestly, he has been drunkenly saying that he was going to bunk his bed since week three of Fall Quarter. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to League of Legends.”

Walker has big hopes for the newly expanded room. He wants his room to be the “sweet party dorm” so he can “pull the non-sorority girls.” Timothy Walker feels that despite the fact the change will be short-lived, it was the right idea. “The next four weeks are going to be killer.”

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