Sources recently revealed to the Flipside that Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole is super dedicated to her job. No, really. She’s putting in 80+ hours a week, but maybe that’s also because she’s all of ResX: a one-woman team, trying to make living at Stanford a better place for everyone and using Minecraft as the main tool to get there.

We could bore you with the details of the paperwork she has to fill out or the emails she has to send, but let’s be real—nobody wants to hear about that. Let’s talk about Minecraft instead.

See, when Brubaker-Cole sent out her 943-page report on the future of Stanford, that very report was based on a massive project she’s been working on for months now: a 1 to 1 scale model of the Stanford campus in Minecraft. But this isn’t an ordinary model—oh, no. It’s a model of what Stanford could be. It’s Stanford’s ideal block-by-block destiny.

Brubaker-Cole was kind enough to give us a quick little tour of parts of her premium-subscription world, Future_Stanford_420. “I modeled a lot of the existing architecture with these lovely sandstone blocks,” she explained while dashing around virtual Main Quad in her diamond boots. “But you still see some of the damage from when creepers attacked the Hoover Institute and I had to patch up the damage with gravel. The Admin building is a little to the south, now, and yes—those are solid gold blocks. We’re not cutting corners here.”

At press time, Brubaker-Cole was unwilling to share details of the death traps and lava pits that would reportedly be pocketing much of the Engineering Quad, claiming that they still needed fine-tuning. She also did not confirm or deny that monsters would be emerging during the night with the single-minded intention of massacring unlucky students.

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