WASILLA, ALASKA—Earlier this week, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced that she would be running for president in next month’s midterm elections. Palin explained, “People of America! We have a problem! Over the past two years Obama has accomplished a lot. He lived in his house, passed his health care reform and spent money on his stimulus packages. But with all of these things he’s done for himself, I guess he just hasn’t had the time to do anything for you. Well, America—I’m here to put a stop to his presidency. I’m here to refudiate his irresponsible policies and I’m here to take back the White House!”

Shortly after Palin began her announcement, her twitter status changed to, “@Obama: ur term is up, 2 year prez. Time 4 a tea party in ur house. Ur not invited.” A few minutes later, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) responded to Palin’s tweet, saying, “@Obama: Hahaha. Cant believe Palin took the bait. 2010 prez election gag is priceless!”

As the tweets went back and forth, Palin continued her announcement, “I don’t know about Mr. Obama, but I’ve read the Constitution and I know that we live in a country of the people, by the people, and for the people—so if the people want a new president in 2010, then I’m just the gal for you! It’s time for Obama’s communist reign to come to an end. The people of America have nothing to lose but their chains! Working men of all countries, unite! Support my candidacy in the 2010 Presidential election!

Palin ended her announcement with a note of confidence. “Now I’ve seen the ballot for this here election. And let me tell ya’, the odds are lookin’ good. Obama is too afraid to even declare his candidacy, and the Republicans have decided to skip the primaries this year, so White House, here we come!”

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