Friends and acquaintances of sophomore Will Bradley report that his latest idea for a start-up consists of a product that is functionally indistinguishable from Google Docs. The “revolutionary” product, which Bradley is calling myDox, would allow users to save their documents in the cloud, work collaboratively in real time and “make spreadsheets and stuff.” His plan for myDox also includes a chat sidebar, “once they get most of the initial kinks worked out.”

Bradley rolled out the idea for myDox while leaving chemistry lecture last Thursday, but was disappointed by the lukewarm response it received from his peers. “It’s a good idea. That’s why Google made it, like, 10 years ago,” noted one friend. “He seems to think he’s going to get VC money. He really doesn’t understand how all this works,” added another.

After significant ridicule, Bradley eventually added that myDox is somewhat similar to Google Docs, but added, “myDox is going to be the MySpace to Google Docs’ Xanga. It’s going to be a game changer.”

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