Holding signs with slogans such as “Carpe Noctem” (Seize the Night) and “The Moon: Also Pretty Fucking Cool”, advocates for Lunar Energy packed White Plaza on Friday to protest the recent approved tax breaks for solar energy.

“You know, it just pisses me off,” noted Frank Schnappel, the leader of the student-run Lunar And Moon Energy group here at Stanford. “Look how much attention solar energy gets on campus. That’s bullshit man, the sun is only up there half the time! That means for the other half of the time, the moon is doing all the work. Its like the sun of the night.”

According to the group’s website, the moon is an “untapped resource” waiting to be utilized by energy producers. But opponents of lunar energy disagree, noting that the sun obviously produces much more energy than the moon, given that the sun is a super-hot star and the moon is essentially a big rock.

In fact, Schnappel says, there’s already plenty of proof that the moon is a potentially lucrative source of energy.

“Think about it. Tides, pagan holidays, menstrual cycles and even werewolves. They are all controlled by the moon. We are wasting an opportunity to harness that huge energy-source for commercial use.”

Schnappel notes that while solar energy has received massive government funding and tax breaks, there has not been a single taxpayer dollar spent on lunar energy.

“We need to go lunar before China. This is a race to get off of oil, and every second counts. Every night we don’t fund lunar energy, we are just wasting energy. And that’s just not right.”

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