Jewish-Muslim Game Night Devolves into Heated Game of Risk

May 9, 2010 4:31 pm
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Jewish-Muslim Game Night Devolves into Heated Game of Risk

HILLEL HOUSE–Last week, tens of Jewish and Muslim students gathered to promote interfaith relationships and just have a grand old time.

Students attending the game night played a number of carefree games including Candyland, Apples to Apples and Connect Four 3D. While these games were all in good fun, tensions heightened when the students began playing Risk.

Conflict first arose when Muslim student Mohammed Muhammed claimed that his pieces were on Jerusalem, but Jewish student Moishe Greenberg disagreed. “My pieces have been there all along,” Greenberg said. “My great-great grandfather Abraham always had his pieces there.”

When the Jewish students realized that there would be no easy compromise, they launched a preemptive attack of double sixes, which was quickly countered by rock-throwing, missile fire and triple fives.

The game quickly spun out of control, as non-game players in surrounding fraternities were hit by flying Risk cards and green pieces.

Hillel promised that future game nights would stick to tic-tac-toe.