Area Man Humiliated by Hands-Free Wireless Device

March 1, 2010 5:11 pm
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Sophomore Jim Callofax had an embarrassing experience last Wednesday. While sitting in the quad talking to his four-year-old niece on a Bluetooth “hands-free” phone, Amanda Walkins, a junior majoring in Gender Studies, walked in front of him. According to several spectators in the area, Callofax responded, saying “Come over here, coochie coo.” He looked questioningly at the shocked Walkins who had stopped in front of him but thinking it wasn’t important, he continued. “I’m going over to your house, and I’m gonna jump on you, and I’m gonna blow raspberries all over your stomach . . . why are you looking at me?” Callofax was then incapacitated with several shots of pepper spray and a jolt from a tazer the woman was carrying. At a hearing on the case held by the University Disciplinary Committee, Callofax was censured for his actions.