Don’t Vote In ASSU Senate Elections!

April 5, 2009 11:22 am
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Don’t Vote In ASSU Senate Elections!

Now that we are amidst ASSU election week, it is time for everyone to make some difficult decisions. Those decisions range from trivial choices such as, “Who should I vote for for ASSU Executive slate?” to such life-or-death choices like, “What dining hall should I eat at next Wednesday at lunch?”

What this comes down to, Stanford students, is a matter of priorities. You have more important things to do than log onto on April 9th or 10th-ish to vote on your class presidents and ASSU senate members. Those are some precious forty-five seconds you can’t be wasting. The junior class presidents will win anyways. That’s right; they are not running against anyone. It’s like one of those puppet-elections they hold in Iran or Cuba as a formality to let the people who are going to win automatically demonstrate some pretense of a functioning democracy. If no one votes for them, they will still win, because they will probably vote for themselves.

To you freshman and juniors who may still be interested about next year—remember: Voting is a matter of numbers and one vote does not make a difference. Especially with such few candidates, the margin is bound to be greater than two votes. Anyways, everyone knows that the ASSU senate just spends most of its time quibbling about semantics and formalities. To their credit, they do allocate money to student groups, but beyond that, their tangible impact on the campus is hardly noticable.

There’s just too much red tape and posters that you don’t want to get stuck to when you talk about ASSU elections. I’m sure that time spent voting would be much more wisely spent on Facebook or maybe your favorite illegal music downloading website. I urge you, students of Stanford, don’t vote in ASSU elections. You don’t want to be part of the time-wasting, the corruption, the two-facedness, and sex-scandals. Make the right choice on election day.