THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Art of Girl-Flirting

April 13, 2009 9:10 am
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THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Art of Girl-Flirting

By Reva Laughlin

Rush. What a wonderful way to find your sisters at Stanford! Standing in line alphabetically, waiting to enter the room filled with clapping and cheering sorority girls, I have truly connected with all the girls whose last name begins with “L.” I have even become quite close to some “M”s and “N”s. The bonds of sisterhood have already begun to form!

The conversations I have shared with the sorority girls have been truly profound. Shouting over the noise until my voice is hoarse and sometimes having to read lips to hear what the other girl is saying, we discuss art, politics, and Kate Spade. Because, clearly, long-lasting relationships are built off similar taste in shoes!

In those two minutes, it is important to encapsulate your entire essence as a human being. It is best if this can be accomplished in one phrase. Better yet, if it can be shown through your outfit. Clothes speak louder than words. You want to prove to them that you have clothes that they might want to borrow for some event later on. Don’t forget accessories, either.

The true test is if you can impress them with your girl-flirting abilities. Whoever thinks that girls only flirt with guys is completely delusional. Boys are only used to practice flirting abilities. The pretty smile, sweet laugh, and well-timed hair flip are all very effective on guys. But girls are far more difficult. They see through a laugh that is slightly too high, a smile that is too forced. To impress a girl, you really have to be on your game. And rush is the prime opportunity to utilize your girl-flirting maneuvers and to see how charming you really are. They will become your sisters, if you can seduce them first. So go to a few frat parties before rush to brush up on your game. But, don’t go too wild! You don’t want to walk in with a reputation.