Cougar Sighting 10/28/2014
A cougar was seen prowling and stalking freshmen on 10/28/2014 at 8:46pm, in the vicinity of 738 Frenchman’s Road.  Public Safety has searched the area and there are no additional sightings reported, although they have recovered several cans of hairspray and a bedazzled leather purse from the scene.
If you see a cougar, call her ex-husband, Carl, to come pick her up.   DO NOT APPROACH THE COUGAR, especially one that is feeding or with kittens. Most cougars will try to avoid confrontation, but they can be tempted into action by male college-aged students in Chubbies.
Here are a few tips:
If you encounter a cougar, do not run; instead, face the animal, wave your arms and try to look older.   Shine bright fluorescent lights in the direction of the cougar to expose her aging complexion.  The cougar will likely be embarrassed and retreat to a dimmer location like a nightclub they just found out about on Yelp.

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