STANFORD- On Thursday, October 23, members of the Stanford LGBT community and their allies participated in National Coming Out Day. Surprisingly, many of those who “came out” this day were flamboyant-acting but came out as straight.

“I found out my roommate was straight today, and I’m a little surprised,” remarked freshman Ronald Stewart. “I never would have guessed. But that doesn’t change anything between us. He’s still the same person he was before I found out, and I respect him so much for being courageous enough to be honest about his sexuality. I know it’s a big step for him, and I support him one hundred percent.”

Others on campus were less supportive. One student, upon discovering that a longtime friend was indeed heterosexual, stated, “I’m having trouble thinking of him as straight. It’s probably just a phase.” She then added, “It’s kind of weird finding this out after so long. And creepy, too- I mean, I’ve undressed in front of him before. I’m not sure I can think of him in the same way now.”

After Thursday, students await the next event promoting openness among the Stanford community: “Just Tell Us The Truth Already And We’ll Be Cool With It” day.

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