Upon returning to campus, many students have reported an increased marketing presence by Stanford’s Sierra Camp. After determining that flyers in every stall on campus were not quite invasive enough to the student population, the Sierra Camp recruitment committee decided it needed to become a bit more omnipresent on campus.

Many students are allegedly concerned by the fact that all toilet paper has been replaced with informational flyers for Stanford Sierra Camp. Upon completing their business in a stall, students have found that the toilet roll holders have been neatly stripped, with a stack of heartfelt letters from former Sierra Camp staffers piled meticulously on the floor below. While many students have complained about the extreme discomfort they feel, both emotionally and physically, at having no other choice but to use the printer-paper pamphlets to maintain their hygiene, some disclose that they actually feel the effort is quite heartfelt and personable. One student, Ralph Royce, claimed that the paper cuts he received were “jarring but not unpleasant.” In addition to the usual, expository information about the program, the headlines of the flyers read “We’re the absolute shit, so please don’t hesitate to cover us in yours”.

Other students across campus have noted that Sierra Camp appears to be amping up their advertising strategy in other ways. Freshman Korbin St. John stated “I returned to my dorm room to find my wall coated entirely in pictures of happy campers.” Others have noted that some of the books in Green Library have been replaced with texts of hundreds of pages simply describing how gorgeous it is to watch the sun set on a lake.

Stanford R&DE seems mysteriously afraid of addressing these campus wide promotional materials. When the head of the R&DE department was asked why they were unable to fix this problem, they replied that “they know our addresses”. The Sierra Camp program declined to comment.

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