No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (9264120au) Carrie Fisher “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Film – 2017

In recent weeks, there has been some rumbling surrounding J.J. Abrams’ decision to feature a computer-generated form of recently deceased actress Carrie Fisher into the soon-to-be-released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Receiving comparably less attention, however, is a recent post by Youtube channel Fail_Vid_Kings announcing that the Star Wars icon will be digitally inserted into their forthcoming multi-hour compilation of epic and/or hilarious nut-tap videos.

“Carrie Fisher was a total freakin baller; we all lost a queen when she passed away a couple years back,” the official Fail_Vid_Kings Twitter explained Tuesday. “But we’re #blessed to be big-time viral content producers in an age when CGI and deepfakes let us render human bodies in totally life-like detail. So, when ‘Epic / Funny Nut-Taps [4 hrs]’ drops in a few days, it means we won’t have to say goodbye to Carrie forever.”

The 249-minute-long video, set to be published in late December, will offer viewers a series of increasingly brutal, laugh-out-loud penile injuries. The content has been described as “amusingly diverse,” ranging from poorly-aimed soccer ball kicks and snapping turtles gone wrong to construction mishaps involving 2×4 planks and — in one 17-minute segment — a botched circumcision.

But in every single clip, Fail_Vid_Kings promises, a computerized facsimile of the deceased Carrie Fisher will be standing in the background, grimacing when an epic/hilarious nut-tap happens and then commenting on how much of an epic/hilarious fail it was.

“Using an advanced #algorithm to analyze the audio from every movie Carrie has ever been in, the CGI version will be able to say basically whatever we want it to, in her voice,” Fail_Vid_Kings explained in a follow-up tweet. “So, she might see one wild nut-tap and be like, ‘Wowza — that musta hurt,’ but then on the next one she’ll be like, ‘That’s gonna leave a mark in the morning,’ and then on the next one be like, ‘No more kids for that guy. Dope!’”

The Youtubers went on to confirm that, in a nod to Fisher’s roots, her digital doppelganger will be wearing the famous “Princess Leia buns” hairstyle as it winces, cringes, and straight-up laughs at the painfully-funny and funnily-painful nut-tap fails throughout the compilation.

“This is how we want her to be remembered,” the Fisher estate has confirmed.

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