In devastating news out of Burbank this past week, freshman Ken Seley has realized he is “in too deep” in his ongoing lie — initially told in an effort to be more relatable to his peers — that he watches the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

The problem first arose on the second day of NSO when Seley was making conversation with a fellow new student. When asked whether or not he watched Game of Thrones, Seley panicked and responded with a resounding “yes” before he could stop himself.

“Honestly, that’s where everything went wrong,” Seley said. “I just kind of went along with things from then on, saying that I watched the show because I thought it would make me seem cool, since it’s really all anyone here ever talks about.”

The situation escalated from there, with the original lie leading to trivia night invites, watch parties of past seasons, and repeated instances of strangers asking Seley who he thought would ultimately end up on the Iron Throne.

“The moment I really knew the lie had gone too far was when someone started talking to me in, like, Dothraki or something?” Seley said.

As of press time, Seley was furiously reading recaps of the most recent season in an effort to talk with his dorm mates about what is now the only subject they will discuss with him.

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