Every April 22, thousands come together to “celebrate the beauty of the planet we call home.” But while our precious “environmentalists” promote their ever so special “Earth Day,” they are doing nothing more than legitimizing planetary discrimination and Earth superiority. According to a recent survey conducted by Reuters News Service, nearly 98% of Americans believe Earth is “the best planet in the solar system.” We live in a world where we get bent out of shape when we hear about racial discrimination or gender bias—yet no one cares about the injustice that actually matters. For millennia, the inhabitants of Earth have engaged in discrimination on a planetary scale. Sure, we have our Earth Day, but what about Mars or Mercury? What about Venus, or Neptune? Are these planets not worthy of our love or attention? How can we, in good conscience, care about the depletion of our O-zone layer while countless underprivileged planets can never hope to have anything even resembling an O-zone layer?

People promote Earth Day, but what these people fail to realize is that every day is Earth Day. When was the last time you heard someone lobbying to preserve the atmosphere on Jupiter? How many activists work to protect the gaseous atmosphere on Uranus? The fact of the matter is, day in and day out, the environmentalists and “green citizens” think about just one thing: Earth.

But where do we go from here? How do we stop this perpetual cycle of planetary discrimination? The answer is education and reparations. Pluto, which has lost the most from planetary prejudice, has suffered from countless forms of discrimination over the years—people denying its existence, the claim that it orbits around the Earth rather than the sun, the denial of its basic planethood, etc. Since one Pluto day is equivalent to over six Earth days, Pluto Awareness Month would give the environmentalists over seven Earth months to appreciate the special nature of not just Pluto, but every planet that has been neglected by the Earth supremacists.

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