Earlier today, on the front lawn of Sigma Nu, one of the fraternity’s Snappa Grandmasters found himself embroiled in a match for the history books. Alex Tranner, heretofore undefeated in the many years that he has played the gentleman’s game, started the match with an uncharacteristically aggressive opening move, choosing to toss his dice into the air and allowing them to land onto the table. “I usually start the game that way,” Tranner said. “That way, the dice go up and then I drink a bunch of my beer.”

His underdog challenger, the Snappa prodigy Douglas Faraday, swiftly countered the opening move with an attempt to catch the dice. “If I can catch the dice, that is a good thing,” Faraday reasoned. “Then I can throw the dice back and also drink beer. It’s kind of a strategy thing.” Tranner agreed: “Yeah, it’s like, you wanna drink this beer, but you also wanna throw some dice. It’s a really good compromise.”

Fans of the sport, self-proclaimed “die-hards,” travel as far as the distance from the Sigma Nu front porch to the Sigma Nu lawn in order to watch the game of minds unfold. “Tranner v. Faraday is the line-up of the century” said onlooker Seth Feliano. “We’ve been anticipating this Snappa match forever — basically ever since we bought that pack of dice and case of beer on Friday.”

At press time, the two Snappa players agreed to add a new rule in which throwing the dice behind the back allows them to drink even more beer.

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