Sorority Enters Annual Molting Season

April 10, 2017 12:01 pm
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Sorority Enters Annual Molting Season

With the smell of rush still ripe in the spring air, Tau Omega sorority has once more entered their annual molting season, thus beginning to shed their earthly forms, reborn and ready for new members. The chapter’s house is already littered with crafts, glitter, yummy snacks, and—both most importantly and most obtrusively—the transparent epidermal sleeves that have encased their entire sorority since last year’s recruitment. Actives, old and young, will once more slither out of their membrane and straight into the hearts of their new sisters.

Signs of this chapter-wide process can be also seen across campus.  The sorority’s discarded husks are often spotted blowing in the light breeze or rolling through Main Quad, bunched together as horrible skin-tumbleweeds. These rogue encasements have caused a number of bike accidents by either blowing into the faces of bikers—both blinding and absolutely revolting them—or leading bike riders to swerve out of control to avoid them.

For graduating Tau Omega seniors, this will be their final molting season, an extremely intense and emotional period that not everyone may outlive.  This last shed will push their bodies and souls to the brink of death, leaving only the strong to survive and carry on the legacy of the chapter. Those who cannot push through will molt for the rest of their lives, condemned as pariahs by society but always loved and embraced by their sisters <3.