Friend That Parents Remember Isn’t Actually Close Friend

February 27, 2017 12:00 pm
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Friend That Parents Remember Isn’t Actually Close Friend

“How’s Chloe?” Janice McDermott asked her daughter, Amika McDermott (’16), over the phone Monday morning, evidently unaware that the aforementioned Chloe is simply a close acquaintance of Amika’s who Mrs. McDermott happened to have passingly met at Parents’ Weekend.

“I just want to check in on you and your friends—you know, Chloe and all of them—to see if you’re doing okay,” Mrs. McDermott told her daughter, clueless that the goal of a check-in would have been far better served by asking about Anika’s actual friends: Lyla, Kamar, and Dylan.

Mrs. McDermott was introduced to Chloe in a chance encounter at CoHo last Saturday, when a friendly wave by Amika lead to an introduction and, evidently, to a stark misunderstanding of how close the two students actually are.

“Chloe was in Taiko with me freshman year,” Amika maintains. “We usually say ‘hi’ to each other, but we’re not, like, THAT tight. Mom just happened to be there when we waved, and then Chloe was standing so close to us in line, I sort of had to introduce them to each other. Now my mom keeps asking about her. I’m not even sure we’re Facebook friends.”

Amika’s mother has continued to mention how glad she is that Amika has close friends like that Chloe girl, and advises that Amika organize a group to go on a spring break trip, one that perhaps Chloe could help her plan. Next year Chloe will be receiving a Christmas card from the McDermotts if Amika ever learns Chloe’s address and/or last name.