In a horrifying crash just in front of the Oval, the Marguerite, Stanford’s Free Shuttle, hit sophomore Josh Thacil while he was biking to the CalTrain station last week.


Onlookers say Thacil went flying through the air after being clipped by the bus, and emergency services were quickly called to treat the injuries.


“It was pretty rough. Took a while to stabilize him, and we ended up transporting him to the Stanford Hospital for some stitches and to set his broken arm,” the paramedic at the scene said.


Thacil was released after a short stay in the hospital. After some recovery time, he continued cycling to the train station, beating out the shuttle by a few minutes.

“Yeah, I definitely missed the train I was trying to catch, but I got there way before the Marguerite actually did,” noted Thacil.

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