Yesterday evening, a strange noise was heard coming from FloMo’s Faisan house, but officials could neither identify nor pinpoint the source of the sound. Describing the sound as a repeated, piercing “EEEEEE, EEEEEE, EEEEEE,” followed by a short break, and then another “EEEEEE, EEEEEE, EEEEEE,” students were remarkably puzzled by the odd occurrence.

“I just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” said Faisan RA Carter Lopez to reporters. “My residents kept asking me what the sound was, and why there was smoke billowing out of a student’s room, and why there was the smell of burnt Math 51 homework, and I couldn’t give them a proper answer. It was pretty scary. Alarming, even.”

Sources also described the incident as peculiar because of a white light flashing from small red boxes with the word “FIRE” on them and the activation of the ceiling sprinklers outside of the student’s room. A few students outside of the dorm stared at Faisan in shock, but observers were unsure whether these individuals were simply transfixed by the unfamiliar sound or whether there was something more sinister at play. Stanford administration is unsure of whether this was an isolated incident and is planning on investigating the matter with the hope of releasing more details at a later date.

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