After watching the debate last Monday, I realized that I found Trump incredibly offensive. He constantly interrupted Hillary, contradicted himself, and really had nothing to say after all. His stop-and-frisk strategy to increase law and order seems hastily thought-through, and is likely unconstitutional. And on top of all of that, he doesn’t even realize how racially biased it is!

Hillary is no better. She spent the whole debate talking in polemics, bringing up the book she wrote, and presenting plans to “tax the rich,” which, honestly, are too vague to get behind. She had no excuse for her email scandal, and her apology was indirect at best. I didn’t wholly agree with either candidate, and both seemed pretty shady to me.

So I guess what I’m really trying to say is, has anyone seen my dog Willow? The last time I saw her was a few hours before the debate. We had a search party going for a while, but everyone made sure to get back inside by 6pm pacific time to watch the show. Willow’s a small, white, fluffy dog, about 20 pounds. We think she’s a poodle-bichon mix. The breeder originally tried to pass her off as a pure bred poodle, but it immediately became clear that that wasn’t true. She’s too long body-wise to be 100% poodle (16 inches); it’s possible she even has some dachshund in her. She’s also probably the cuddliest dog you’ll ever meet – she spends most of her time sitting on the couch (heck, I might even check for her there!), and has the softest fur in the universe. I’ll be seriously messed up if I can’t find her, so if anyone has any leads please let me know. 

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