This Sunday, David Peterson, who recently got a job at Google and moved to the Mission District, stated he was “very opposed” to gentrification in the Bay Area. Peterson, who will now be making $150,000 per year and living in a hip, 2 bedroom apartment in the Mission, told the Flipside that he was fundamentally opposed to Silicon Valley tech employees pricing out low-income Bay Area residents.


“I’m sick of overpaid college graduates moving to the Bay Area and raising demand for housing so much that prices increase exponentially, all at the expense of low-income residents who can’t afford to live there anymore,” said Peterson.  “As a white liberal man from New York City, this infuriates me—how are people so thoughtless?!”


Peterson also commented on these educated newcomers’ effects on the culture and local economies of the Bay Area. “This abhorrent gentrification trend we’re seeing is pricing out local businesses, and consequently causing delicious Mexican, Chinese and Indian restaurants to shut down,” Peterson said, as he was enjoying the 15th meal that he had eaten at Google headquarters this week “I mean, I just moved here, but I’m assuming the Bay Area used to have better ethnic food.”

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