As Stanford’s Class of 2016 collects its job offers and prepares to spread its wings across the world, Dana Anderson has been stuck with the predicament of hiding her current joblessness from the scrutiny of her peers. At dinner with her friends on Thursday, however, she was able to deflect the shame of her singular condition by saying, “I’m really looking forward to traveling this summer.” She continued, “I want to get back to my writing.”

Her employment prospects once seemed promising as she became a Wilbur Dining Ambassador in her freshman year. Her sophomore year, she even drove elderly alumni around campus during homecoming weekend, earning $275 an hour. However, both career paths have proven to be dead-ends and she now finds herself foraging from the Columbae garden.
Dana wants a job really, really badly, but, until her prospects improve, she’s going to wistfully stare at Expedia listings for flights to Hanoi.

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