In recent months, a new online charitable organization has exploded in popularity.  Their mission: to distribute as many Facebook likes as possible to desperate and starving children all over the world.

The Silicon Valley-based non-profit, Likes4Hunger, has already motivated thousands of young people across the country to break free of their apathy and finally do something about the state of world hunger.  Meanwhile, the starving children and their ruined families are no doubt elated at how popular they have already become.

“The difficult part isn’t really getting the Likes,” said founder and CEO Joe Dillson in an interview, “it’s actually bringing the likes to the children that need them which proves more complicated.”  The organization has tried a variety of means to bring the Likes to the starving children, including setting up internet in remote African towns, and airdropping thousands of printed copies of their Facebook page across rural Southeast Asia.

Dillson concluded by saying that if he were to receive the Nobel Peace Prize he would similarly share it with as many impoverished youngsters as he can, so they can know how far they’ve come.

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