Boy-oh-boy are you in for a treat! What’s that treat you ask? None other than Soda Pop, America’s new favorite bubble liquid. You might think, “Hey, isn’t having AIR bubbles in a LIQUID an affront to God himself, man’s Icarian spit in the face of reason?” Nope, silly! Soda Pop is refreshing and delicious.

There’s a wide selection of different Soda Pops. There’s RC Cola, Blue Fanta, and that’s it. There are no more Sodas, and I’ve been told that there will never be any other types. If you’re like me and try to eat anything with the letters RC on it, well, RC Cola is going to take you on a delightful voyage down Flavor Lane. [Metaphorically, of course. Soda pop is a drink and not a transportation service. Also, Flavor Lane is not a real place. I think.] RC Cola is the sweeter of the two Pops (that’s slang for ‘Soda Pops’), and if I may say so, goes well with a bit of ice in the cup. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a more exotic, tangy flavor, I would certainly recommend Blue Fanta. Now, you’re probably wondering, “why is Blue Fanta called Blue Fanta?” As it turns out, no one truly knows the reason why Blue Fanta is called Blue Fanta. So, if you’re in the mood for tang and lost secrets, Blue Fanta is the way to go.

I give Soda Pop 5/5 stars. If there were more stars to give, I would give more! But the scale is out of 5 stars, so 5 is the maximum my editor tells me I am allowed to give. One thing’s for sure: Soda Pop is the future and much better than noncarbonated soft drinks, which, in this writer’s opinion, suck a lot.

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