Recent reports indicate that singer Beck, who recently won the Grammy for Album of the Year, has gone missing from his New York City home. Police are desperately searching for any possibly leads, but so far have come up empty-handed. Beck’s disappearance comes under mysterious circumstances, as the only evidence left at the scene of the crime was two graffiti tags saying, “Bow Down” and “#kidnappt.” The NYPD has stated that they will welcome any and all information relevant to the case.

One confidential source, speaking on condition of anonymity to the Flipside, seemed strangely happy with the disturbing events. “Ha ha ha, yup,” said the source, “you know what they say, Brooklyn represent. We out here. I got ninety-nine problems, but a missin’ Beck ain’t one. He knew what he was getting into. The music business is a hard knock life.” While the source may not have expressed concern for Beck’s disappearance, he seemed to want to establish an alibi, insisting that both and he and his wife were nowhere near the scene of the crime.

Beck’s disappearance will cause major problems for the Grammys, who will now have to put into place one of their failsafe measures and awarding the prize to the runner-up, Beyoncé’s self-titled album. The move will please Beyoncé’s legions of fans, but Beyoncé herself was muted. In a press release, the singer stated, “This is a sad situation for us all, and above all, I would like to bear in mind that I have never visited New York and possess no kidnapping tools of any kind.”

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