I don’t really feel like myself.  I don’t know what to do.  I just keep looking for her and expect her to appear, or call, or something, but nothing.

I lost my grandma somewhere between Cleveland and SFO.

She was coming to visit me and her flight got redirected because of the snow.  She said she was going to Phoenix, and I haven’t heard from her since.  She was going to call me when she got to San Francisco.  She could be missing somewhere in the desert.  I’ve really lost her.

If you happen to see a 5’1” overweight, Chinese woman, please contact me here at the Flipside.  If she happens to be on the West Coast, it would be nice to see her before her flight back next week.  She responds to “Grandma”,  but you’ll have to speak up.  She also is very friendly and will approach when waved to, but her vision isn’t all that great either.  She gets easily confused and is mildly racist -not the overt kind of racist, but the “from another generation” type.

I feel her presence around me, I just wish I knew where she was.  She means a great deal to my family–we’ve had her for a long time.  We shouldn’t have let her get out.

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