Sibling Pair on Kiss Cam May Just Say Fuck It

Finding themselves featured on the 7th inning kiss cam at this afternoon’s Giants game, the sibling pair of Marcus and Heather Banderas announced moments ago that they might just go ahead and say “fuck it” and go in for a smooch.

“Look, this is bigger than us,” the duo agreed. “There are 35,000 San Franciscan baseball fanatics who paid good money to see this game, and that includes the weird intra-inning traditions that accompany it. We’ve got a goddamned responsibility, and we intend to live up to it.”

Though no formal efforts have been made by either party to lean in for the aforementioned kiss, viewers stadium-wide have continued to cheer in anticipation, with many likely assuming that the two are a couple on their first date.

“WOOO!” a fan from San Mateo explained, looking fondly at the jumbotron. “WOOOOOOOO! Kiss that lady! Kiss her in a way that would be wholly inappropriate if you were to be siblings!”

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