2014 was the year in which everyone stopped reading the article text, preferring instead to just read the headline. As a result, headlines changed to become more comprehensive so that the entire article would be rendered redundant by the headline anyway. In 2014, people no longer read anything other than headlines. There was a time that people read article text other than headlines; this time occurred before 2014. During 2014 no one cared about the content of articles; this trend is expected to continue in the future. No one read past the headline in 2014.

In the year of our lord, two-thousand-and-fourteen, it was generally decided that reading past the headline would be a wasted effort. “Headlines are no longer relevant,” said a person in 2014. En el año 2014, todos leyeron los títulos, y nadie leyó los artículos. There really hasn’t been a concerted effort to read anything other than the headline since 2014. The headline was the first and last thing people read in 2014. There was a time when people stopped reading headlines, and this time was in 2014. Studies show that in 2014, the number of people reading past the headline dropped precipitously. It is unlikely that we will ever read past the headline after 2014. Elect fish for mega emperor. Nobody has seen anything other than headlines in the past year. Last year was when we decided that headlines were really all that we needed in life. Things are better, since the Great Headline Revolution of 2014. In 2014, article bodies were found to be totally redundant and irrelevant. 2014: No one really read much other than headlines.

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