4:30: I’m going to be so productive this afternoon, I just know it.

4:43: I can’t concentrate; it’s freezing in here!  I’ll go work on my bed.

6:09: Well, I needed that nap. I really did. Really. But now I should work.

6:10: I think I need a change of scenery. This room just not doing it for me. I’ll go outside.

6:14: It’s really nice out; I shouldn’t have to work when it’s this beautiful. I’ll just going to enjoy the sun.

6:27: Oh my God, it’s so fucking hot out here. I’m going back inside.

6:28: I think it’s time for a study break; I’ll shower now.

6:46: Okay, shower’s done. Time to work.

6:47: No, wait, I should get dinner; studying on an empty stomach is unhealthy.

7:28: All right, time to get on that p-set.

7:29: Wait, I should check my email first.

7:31: HOLY SHIT, THERE’S FREE CHINESE FOOD IN THE LOUNGE??!! I love dim sum! My p-set can wait.

8:15: I’m so full that I can’t possibly work now. Besides, didn’t I hear that sitting down after eating isn’t good for you?

8:16: I’m sure lying down is fine, though. I’ll do that.

9:24: Okay, I should get up. In fact, I should go work out right now.

9:25: Wait, that means I have to bike all the way to the gym. Fuck that.

9:31: Hey, Late Night’s open. I could really go for some chicken tenders right now. I need to refuel my brain anyway. I’ll just work afterwards. I’m going to be so productive tonight, I just know it.

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