While most students have spent the past few days readying for Saturday’s Big Game against Cal, members of the Mid-Size Game society have been hard at work staging protests, raising awareness, and holding “Size Doesn’t Really Matter All That Much, Right?” rallies.

The group’s leader, sophomore Richard “Dick” Littleton, was quoted at a gathering on Monday as saying, “Look, I mean, obviously a Big Game is exciting. But really, most say that you can’t even notice much of a different unless it’s an outstandingly large one or a very, very small one. In fact, surveys have shown that a Mid-Size game can be much more manageable and even notably more pleasurable, especially when those involved really care about the game and feel connected to it.”

Passers by, of course, tended to giggle dismissively. One anonymous Hum Bio major told the Flipside, “Look, let’s be real here. I’m in college; I’m not going to have any other time in my life when I can get to so many games, and I’m gonna want them to be big. If I wanted something small, I’d have gone to one of those little liberal arts colleges in the northeast, not a school like this.”

A more optimistic Junior, though, offered, “Everyone talks about the Big Game, and that’s all fine. But really, I find it kinda painful to work with; it’s all just too much to handle at once. Honestly, I know I want to have fun in college, but I also know that long-term what I’m looking for is a nice Jewish pre-med Game I can take home to mom. That’s what matters at the end of the day.”

A Big Game, then, seems to have both its fans and critics. At the very least, we can all agree that the Games just feel smaller at Cal.


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