This past weekend, Cardinal Nights saw record-breaking attendance as hundreds of students headed to their latest event: Pick Your Own Star to Stare at on the Field Night. Students purchased tickets for $6 and then headed to Wilbur Field to sit and stare straight up at the sky on Friday night from 7pm to 1am.

“This year, we’ve been working hard to make our programming more accessible for all Stanford students, not just non-drinkers,” says Eliza Denning, one of the students on the committee in charge of planning Cardinal Nights events. “It took a lot of communication with the sky gods and a few rain dances, but we managed to snag a great deal with unbeatable prices.”

Based on student reviews, it looks like Cardinal Nights has found their most successful event to date. “It’s so great how they give us this choice, you know? I’m a pretty indecisive person but I love how I can get there and just choose any star I want,” gushes enthusiastic senior Carly Johnson. “The first star I chose turned out to be an airplane, but the CN staff was nice enough to give me a new ticket after I explained what happened.”

After the success of last weekend, Cardinal Nights will be hosting another PYOSTSA this Friday. Tickets can be purchased on their website for $6 each, but watch out: they sell out quick! (Chang)

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