By Kenneth Potts

Now I’m a guy who likes to take the issues seriously. Right now, budget cuts are a major issue. It’s affecting everyone–and that includes yours truly.

But if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s fiscal responsibility. My question is: Why were our investigative journalists standing by idly, and why did they not find out how our community centers were spending their dollars?

Only now has it become clear that for years we have been paying little orange, red, and black paper people to do the work that should normally be left for hardworking American citizens. This is what I call un-accept-able.

It’s high time we start reforming our ways. We can’t be paying these little paper people for full time wages, but I’m all in favor of paying them part time. And I’m sure if there is ever another problem, we can build them a paper community center called a teepee.

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