Samantha: I love cross-platform cloud-based computing. I want to make the world a better, more connected place through smart tech. Also, I am a squirrel, a type of rodent.



James: I forage for nuts all day, even though there are very few nut-bearing trees here. My 18 children and I live in a tree where we eat the few nuts that I can find. I’m not sure what “tech” is, but if it is more nuts, yes, I would love to do “tech.”



Martin: I’m currently interested in wearables, but the available products on the market do not properly address the needs of squirrels. I recognize that it is a crowded marketspace, but what am I supposed to do, wear an Apple Watch as a belt?! C’mon!



Marco: I, Marco, am a squirrel, and I have an opinion about tech that is the opposite of Martin’s, who is also a squirrel. Wearable tech is clearly a bubble; play it safe, stay in low-level systems engineering, and eat more nuts to keep your head clear.


Alexandra: I did SLE. Read a fucking book.

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