Oh man, guys. I’m so full. Arrillaga is really killing it tonight. Who in their right mind would serve macaroni and cheese on the same day as the panini station? It wasn’t that boxed shit either; the cheese was creamy and it had a breadcrumb crust. I couldn’t even handle it. I also made a huge panini on ciabatta bread, and then I had to have a whole salad so I could feel healthy, too. And they had this awesome salmon filet at the gourmet station- that was so good I had to have a second serving. I was full after that. Not too full, but, you know, comfortably stuffed. Whew, man, then I saw the dessert. When was the last time they served real brownies here? I had at least four before I  saw a guy eating brownies and ice cream, and it looked sooo good. Then I had to have some ice cream, but it came out of the machine faster than I expected and it’s clearly a sin to waste ice cream, so I ate it all, and got a serious brain freeze to boot. Wow. By then I definitely couldn’t fit in that after-dinner coffee, but I was so tired after all that food and I wanted to work on my pset after dinner, so I had it anyway. Man, now I’m way too full to even think about work. I’m so full, I don’t think I can even make it back to Toyon; I am just so stuffed. I’m gonna stay right here at this table for a bit. Let’s just hang out….whoah. Do- do you see those stuffed peppers? They look delicious. Hold on, I’ll be right back. Want me to grab you anything while I’m up?

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