I know that Draw results came out last week, and everybody here in Trancos is losing their shit over being split up next year. But don’t worry, we’re different. Our friendship goes so much deeper and shit. Remember that one time we went to Late Nite, and we all sat and talked for like, what, an hour? And I had a three page paper due like two days later. Man, were we irresponsible. That was something.

No matter what happens, whatever campus-wide chasm divides us, whatever disparate social islands we moor ourselves to, we’re like, totally going to hang out. Seriously, it ain’t no thang. Evelyn, just because you got Toyon and are going to live high in the parapet of that ivory tower, leering down spitefully at us mortals, doesn’t mean we can’t swing by Coupa every couple of weeks. And Vince, just because you’ve consigned yourself to fraternity life and will be roaming the savannah with your new feral herd, doesn’t mean we can’t fit in a quick game of ping pong when you come up for air from that wildebeest carcass. Leena, Shelley, just because you guys are going to hole yourselves up in Manz, hanging yourselves upside down in your cave and hissing at the entering light, doesn’t mean we can’t fit in a bimonthly Skype call now and again. Really guys, it’s all going to work out.

And hell, even if it doesn’t, we’ll still have all the great memories we made. Like that time we passed on the stairs and made eye contact and both said “hey” at the same time. Or that time we sat adjacent at lunch and I looked at your hamburger and said, “Just one of those days, huh?” These are the kinds of bricks that pave Memory Lane, and no matter how long that lane gets or how much I don’t want to bike the whole way, isn’t it nice to know it’s there?

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