My best friend and I were lucky enough to snag tickets to The Great Gatsby on opening weekend, and let me tell you, Baz Luhrmann really outdid himself. The costumes were amazing, the acting was impeccable, and the soundtrack was totally awesome. On the way home I couldn’t stop going on and on about how good the movie was. For some reason my friend completely ignored all my commentary, and when she finally looked up at me, tears were streaming down her face. I didn’t get it; I mean yeah, the story is sad and all, but seriously? I asked her what was wrong, but she couldn’t choke any words out. She just reached into her purse, pulled out a book, gave it to me, and walked away shaking her head. English majors are weird. I looked at the book cover and felt utter shock. Holy shit! They’ve ALREADY adapted this great movie into a book!

When I got back to my room I started reading, but honestly, I had to stop about halfway through. All I can say is that after the movie, it was an utter disappointment. Without all the glitter and music, this story is B-O-R-I-N-G. Leonardo diCaprio’s character (sorry I forgot his name), is whiny and pathetic, and Carey Mulligan’s character was just obnoxious. This book is just some stupid love story that went wrong, and nothing else. I just don’t get it; what’s the significance? And what the fuck is up with this whole green light thing? F. Scott Fitzgerald, whoever you are, you’re lucky Baz Luhrmann got ahold of your story, because seriously, it is WAY better as a movie. Nobody would read this shit otherwise.

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