As if attendees of Kamiya Stewart’s housewarming party in Suites weren’t already having a raucous time playing Cards Against Humanity, guest Chester Perez reported midway through the night that he had recently drawn the “Helen Keller” noun card, and that the laugh-factor was about to freakin’ surge.

“Dude,” he explained, “they put ‘Senseless’ down as the adjective. Do you see the chance they just handed me? Christ, buddy, get your fuckin’ seatbelt on. This ha-ha train to laugh town is departing the mo-freakin’ station.”

Friends had gathered to welcome Kamiya back after a quarter of independent research, with few expecting that they’d be greeted with a knee-slapper on par with Perez’s incumbent Helen Keller joke. “A Helen Keller joke?” an anonymous guest asked when told one was only seconds away, “Wow, those are tough to pull off. You really have to have a whole bunch of different situational factors at play, and they all have to align super well, no? Unless it’s- oh is it in that Cards Against Humanity game over there? Ah.”

Plans had originally been made to visit Late Night as the party wound down, but analysts now predict the cyclone of giggles, chortles, big-belly laughs, and spontaneous orgy-organizing will readily derail any such ideas.

“This will blow away Ryan playing ‘9/11’ as an answer to ‘What ended my last relationship,” Perez predicted. “And I mean… it’s only been fifteen years since 9/11. Like, come on, that’s a tiny strike zone. And I’m about to make his hit look like a bunt. You ready for this? Okay, okay. One… two… three!”

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