Stanford’s Admit Weekend often clinches the deal for the profros who decide to come here, and for various reasons: the school was gorgeous, fountain hopping was super fun, they had a really awesome RoHo, blah blah. Many current Stanford students unearthed their best friends at Admit Weekend, but Albert Richardson and Camille Roberts discovered much more. As Albert so eloquently put it, “I saw this hot girl dancing at Broc Party, and – I don’t know – I saw some of the other guys doing it, so I kinda came up behind her and just stood there. And she sort of moved back into me. And that was it. It was love at first grind.”

After dancing the night away, the two lovebirds wandered around campus together and got lost around Narnia. According to Camille, “It was the most romantic moment. I was shivering because I had forgotten my jacket, and Albert started to reach around his neck. I’ll never forget how he looked at me when he asked, ‘Are you cold? Here, take my lanyard.’”

Unfortunately, this fairy-tale beginning had a fairly-terrible ending. Camille, living in Serra and Albert, living in FroSoCo, were simply unable to make the long distance work. Camille commented, “The bike ride took too long.”

Reportedly, since then Camille has found SAE and Sig Nu and guys who don’t wear lanyards. And who actually know how to grind. Albert was unavailable for a response, but witnesses report hearing regular, loud, high-pitched sobs coming from his room.

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