This quarter’s going by kind of quickly, don’t you think so? I mean, a lot quicker than last quarter, it seems. Yeah, pretty soon the summer will be here– maybe it’s because we’re all really busy this quarter, or maybe it’s just that the first quarter always seems stretched by the time-warping magic of novelty.

But really, just think about it: isn’t it crazy how rapidly our college years are passing us by? Soon we’ll be out in the cold, dark, real world, without the comforting heat of those smothering, sweaty frat-house dance floors to soothe us. Soon we’ll all be scattered by the winds, pretending to do enough work for people who pretend to pay us enough to do it. No, listen to me, seriously — soon we’ll all be married, or engaged, or tax auditors, or pregnant, or doctors. It’s around the corner. Dang, it’s happening already — didn’t you hear about that girl in the year behind you who just had her wedding last Saturday? And if things continue moving at this clip, before we know it we’ll all be paying for our kids’ college, watching as our nests empty, picking out a nice apartment complex in Florida, withering away to dust beneath the unrelenting burden of time.

And, you know, that gets me thinking about what’s going to come after us — how long are humans even going to be on this planet? What kind of creatures might come after us? The Earth gets consumed by the sun at some point, right, in just like, what, only a few more billion years? And then you’ve got this whole expanding and contracting eternally universe thing, right, that’ll be here in no time, the Big Crunch or whatever.  Will time even exist at that point?

But yeah, anyways, I feel like this quarter is going by kind of fast. Don’t you?

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