After months of anticipation, IHUM 2: Thinking Matters debuted in auditoriums across campus last week to a record-breaking crowd of 809 Stanford freshmen.  However, despite the high hopes and big budget behind the project, audience members have been expressing mixed reviews about the performance.

“I really don’t think they needed to make a sequel to the original IHUM,” complained freshmen Jessica Ramsey, “The first one had some well-documented faults and the sequel was ill-conceived from the beginning.  I don’t know why the University thought this was necessary.”

One of the main criticisms that has emerged stems from Thinking Matters’ relative similarity to its largely-unsuccessful predecessor.

“I heard IHUM 2 is basically the exact same thing as IHUM 1, but they sprinkled in a few extra CGI explosions, clicker questions, and pithy philosophical observations,” bemoaned student John Merrell, “Apparently they also added a sex scene at the end, but I didn’t notice cause I was definitely asleep by that point.”

In light of some of the negative publicity, observers expect attendance at Thinking Matters lectures to drop over the coming weeks.  Still, many fans of the franchise are optimistic about the future direction the course could take.

“I don’t know if I would rather see them release an IHUM 3 to complete the IHUM trilogy or whether it would be more exciting to reboot the franchise and start from the beginning,” said Otero IHUM kid Jessica Hanson, “Either way, I’m hoping they can land a big-name star like Condoleezza Rice or Philip Zimbardo for the next installment.”

At press time, IHUM 2 was still trailing PWR 2 as the most popular sequel in the GER genre.

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