Following last week’s release of a hidden-camera video showing Mitt Romney insulting the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax, another video has surfaced which shows the candidate at a fundraiser deriding other groups whose votes he felt he could not attain.

“Kids in wheelchairs will never vote for me. That’s just a fact,” Romney said, standing at a podium while his listeners ate. “It’s not my job to worry about them or represent them.  They will never take responsibility for their own lives.”

He went on to share his dismissive views on wounded veterans, the mentally handicapped, and other demographics who “see themselves as victims.”

“Stray dogs, for example, believe that they are entitled to food, housing, belly rubs, you name it,” said Romney, as his audience nodded appreciatively.  “These kinds of things–they see them as entitlements.  They feel like they don’t have to work for them.”

Romney went on to discuss additional groups whose votes he could not count on, such as rural farmers in the Sichuan province of China.  “They don’t think like we do, and are just never going poke my chad,” he said to the assembled donors. The speech ended with Romney criticizing groups likes Postal Workers and National Park Rangers who “seemingly expect handouts from the federal government to help feed their families.”

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