In response to disgruntled cries over a disorganized and disappointing housing system, Residential and Dining Enterprises will be introducing a new lifestyle option for students. From now until its demolition, the first floor of Meyer library will be opened for housing during the ’12-’13 academic year, catering to students interested in self-righteous political activism-themed housing.

With amenities such as wheelchair accessibility, the biggest computer cluster on campus, a lone whiteboard replete with superfluous bullet points, and what is described as a “tastefully ironic” shortage of books, it is no surprise that many former XOX residents have already tried to preassign. To top it off, this new housing option is the most sustainable yet. Roofless shower stalls will be erected outdoors, open for use during rainy days. R&DE anticipates the stalls should more than meet the hygiene requirements of the residents of “Occupy House.”

“This new housing option is our way of letting our branch of the obsolete Occupy movement feel like it’s having an impact. Every student should have the opportunity to feel significant, no matter how unimportant that ‘significance’ is,” explained R&DE. “It’s like a project. Yeah, a housing project!”

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