Students across campus vacuumed and straightened like never before in preparation for the arrival of hordes of visiting parents last weekend. “I took out the recycling bin full of beer bottles, aired out the room to get rid of my roommate’s stench—I even dusted!” said Adam Bradshaw, who hoped to make a really good impression on his family. “That’s got to count for something.”

However, Bradshaw overlooked a very problematic area of the room, which he regretted the moment he opened the door for his parents that Saturday morning. Noticing the single bottle of vodka perched on the windowsill, he was pretty sure he was about to get in deep trouble.  Within seconds, his mother was dragging him by the ear, furiously pointing at the bottle, and expressing her utter disapproval.  All of this culminated in Bradshaw’s grounding for the whole weekend, and being confined to his room while his parents went on all the outings that they meant to share with him.

Bradshaw was not completely torn up over the situation. “Oh well, at least they left the booze,” he acknowledged, while pouring himself a double-shot.

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