Findings from a recent Gallup Poll suggest that Republican Presidential Nominee Ron Paul is the clear leader among citizens who refuse to give their personal information to the government. The poll found that Rep. Paul’s belief in gun rights, desire to limit the federal government, racism and willingness to support batshit conspiracy theories really resonate with these wouldn’t-be voters.

The poll itself was difficult to conduct given than many people in this demographic don’t own phones and so had to be surveyed in person. Said a representative from Gallup, “Among the respondents interviewed in person, Ron Paul was actually only the third most common response behind ‘Get off my property!’ and ‘Obama is Satan!’ However, we decided to register these as ‘no opinion.’”

This is something of a mixed blessing for Paul and his supporters. In light of this news, the campaign is working on a strategy for mobilizing this demographic centered on convincing them that showing up to a primary won’t result in anyone stealing their guns and/or organs.

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