In a recent Flipside editorial meeting, the publication’s staff voted unanimously to resist changes to the university’s IHUM program, claiming it would eliminate the most convenient source of jokes in upcoming years.\

“To be honest, its tough to come up with consistently biting humor to satirize the political, economic and cultural realities of our day, so its nice to always have an IHUM joke to fall back on,” explained a Flipside writer who preferred to remain anonymous due to his connection with a particularly risqué FMOTQ article this fall.

“It also gives us an instant way to connect with freshmen when they arrive on campus,” the writer continued, “For them, the Flipside starts as a sheet of paper that gets thrown in their soup bowls every Monday. Once you mix in a few IHUM jokes, though, they begin to see it as an empathetic document that really speaks to their hopes and their anxieties.”

With the elimination of the IHUM joke safety net, Flipside writers have been working overtime to develop PWR and IntroSem jokes. It’s not like these writers have anything better to be doing; after all, they can clearly just bullshit a B+ quality paper for their IHUM classes later tonight.

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