6 Restless Ghosts We Wouldn’t Want as Roommates

October 19, 2015 12:00 pm
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Cecil: Ever since little Cecil started haunting the creepy house at the end of Maple Street, he’s gotten pretty messy. If you want to room together, remember that cleanliness is key!

Maribelle: Some say that if you walk around the old sawmill on Friday the 13th, you can hear the tortured spirit of Maribelle Hawkins asking for directions. Unceasingly. So, if you end up living with her, make sure to get some noise-cancelling headphones.

Herman: A particularly angry spirit, Herman moves and throws around furniture in the dead of night, often scaring hapless passersby. We recommend buying some of those sticky furniture pads so that his angry furniture moving doesn’t bother you as much.

Miriam: Poor Miriam Beaty was once the most beautiful girl in the countryside. She had many suitors, but one young man in particular caught her fancy. One late evening, as she was meeting her love by the lakeside, she slipped and fell in, never having loved. Anyways, she borrows clothes without asking, and it gets pretty annoying.

Agnes: Agnes is a piece of shit and sucks at haunting the abandoned schoolyard.

Warren: On the night that Miriam Beaty fell into Lake Shintook, Warren Bigglesby was caught in the moonlight, waiting for his beautiful, beautiful Miriam. Realizing that she had fallen in, and unable to cope with this loss, Warren threw himself into the lake, thus joining his love. He’s generally a nice guy, but he and Abby were a thing so it’s all weird now. Avoid, if possible…